Bosque Redondo Memorial at Fort Sumner Historic Site

Volunteer - Friends of Bosque Redondo Memorial

The Friends of the Bosque Redondo Memorial are a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting the mission of the site.  Learn more about the Friends organization at

We Need Your Help!

  • Volunteers Bring History to Life

    Volunteers are a vital part of all programs, and add a personal touch to interpreting the history and stories of Bosque Redondo Memorial. As the site’s programs grow, we need additional help to impact more residents of New Mexico and beyond.  It does not matter if you are retired or a student in need of community service.  At Bosque Redondo Memorial, we have a place for you.

    Volunteering at Bosque Redondo Memorial

    Docents can volunteer in a variety of ways:

    • Lead educational activities,
    • Provide guided tours,
    • Help during special events and
    • Upkeep on landscaping or other outdoor preservation activities.

    These programs are great for people who are passionate about history or meeting people, high school students needing volunteer opportunities for extracurricular groups, earning badges or for college entrance requirements or people wanting to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

    For information about volunteering at Bosque Redondo Memorial/Fort Sumner Historic Site contact:

    Aaron Roth - Site Manager