Bosque Redondo Memorial at Fort Sumner Historic Site

Glimpse of Life Program


Glimpse in a Kit

Dear Educators,

With Covid 19 changing education and restricting field trips, we are pleased to announce that we are now coming to you. Our on-site Glimpse of Life of the Reservation is a hands-on program that allows students to participate in a variety of activities from cooking on a campfire to building a brush structures and we target middle to high school students. We have hosted schools on site for the last several years and hope to after the pandemic. But, to help schools and to provide the learning experiences, we are taking the heart of the program and boxing them up to send directly to schools.

Glimpse in a Kit:

This year we are focusing on 5th grade New Mexico history classes across New Mexico. We would like to send these classes a kit containing everything that is needed to do a variety of activities. The kits are made so that these can go home with students to do on their own or be used in the classroom. This allows you, the teacher, flexibility in lesson planning. Our activities come with the instructional materials, links to how to videos and practically everything needed to do the activities. The lessons are standards based, have STEM built in and are hands on learning. And the cost to the schools? FREE including shipping.

What are the activities?

  1.       Coloring book with the history
  2.       Card Board loom weaving
  3.       Miniature adobe brick making
  4.       Making hard tack
  5.       Building a model tipi
  6.       Building a Brush Structure
  7.       Using Yucca Soap
  8.       Luck of the Draw Game
  9.       And Creative Reflective writing

What students will gain from this is an understanding of the horrific history that was Bosque Redondo Reservation and what happened to the Navajo and Mescalero Apache prisoners. The students will glimpse through the activities the difficulties inherent in living at Fort Sumner. Each activity contains what the students need in order to complete the activity from miniature adobe brick molds to yarn and warp thread for the looms. They will get glue, canvas and poles to create the model tipis and even flour to make the hard tack. To see what the activities include for yourself, click here for the Virtual Summer Camp.

We have filled all available slots for the 2021 Glimpse School Kit program and kits will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all the educators who are participating!