New Mexico Historic Sites are storied places where the past is palpable. They invite you to hit the road, explore, and get out in the golden New Mexico sun. It's your chance to follow in the footsteps of Indigenous people, Spanish conquistadors, Civil War soldiers, outlaws, and lawmen.

Explore History Where it Happened:

Los Luceros Historic Site Los Luceros Historic Site

Located in Alcalde, NM

Featuring beautiful river views, ancient cottonwoods, 17th century buildings, acres of apple orchards, farm animals and rolling agricultural fields, this property embodies the intersection of nature and culture in northern New Mexico. Travel back in time to a place that has been called home since the 1400s.

Coronado Historic Site Coronado Historic Site

Located in Bernalillo, NM

In 1540, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado with 500 soldiers and 2,000 Indian allies entered the Rio Grande valley near this site. Searching for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold, he instead found a dozen villages inhabited by prosperous native farmers.

Fort Stanton Historic Site Fort Stanton Historic Site

Located in Fort Stanton, NM

Fort Stanton is situated on 240 acres and surrounded by 25,000 acres of undeveloped BLM land in south-central New Mexico. There are 88 buildings on this historic site, some dating back to 1855.

Fort Selden Historic Site Fort Selden Historic Site

Located in Radium Springs, NM

Fort Selden preserves more than 1400 years of history beginning with the ancient Mogollon; travelers camping at the site on El Camino Real in the 17th century; the U.S. Army soldiers in the 1800s; to the local people who lived nearby. Their stories enrich the history and heritage of New Mexico.

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