Nature and Wildlife

In addition to rich cultural resources, Los Luceros Historic Site is also home to an abundance of wildlife including hundreds of species of plants and animals. The site contains more than 50 acres of pristine bosque (forest) with almost a mile of riverfront access. Visitors can experience this picturesque landscape which has been designated as an Important Bird Area by the Audubon Society. During the fall it is common to see Sandhill Cranes fly over the hacienda and graze in the fields, bald eagles soar over the Río Grande, and Lewis's Woodpeckers peck at the 200-year-old cottonwoods. Elk, deer, and beavers have made their homes year-round on the property with seasonal visitors such as mountain lions, otters, and bears.

Nature Moments and Wildlife Sightings

Below are photos and videos that highlight the diversity of the nature and wildlife at Los Luceros Historic Site. Click an item to learn more.

Los Luceros Historic Site

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