Jemez Historic Site

Education Resources

Programs at Jemez Historic Site are on-going and a few are listed below. Visit Virtual Classroom and Virtual Summer Camp for all New Mexico Historic Sites online programs. Please contact us for more information.

Jemez Virtual Classroom

Choose from several leson plans related to Jemez Historic Site. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Jemez Virtual Camp

Join Jemez tribal member, Marlon Magdalena, to explore musical history and traditions of New Mexico. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Pueblo Independence Day 2020

Join our virtual program presented by staff from Jemez, Coronado, and Los Luceros for our annual commemoration of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. Activities include, green chile stew making tutorial, Pueblo shield making tutorial, and short Pueblo revolt history CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Ranger Brenda's Videos

Watch Ranger Brenda as she makes cherry pie and oven bread. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Virtual Tour (Trail Guide)

We are pleased to bring you a virtual ranger tour to ensure your safety and share the unique histories and cultures of the Jemez Valley. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Birding in the Jemez Mountains

We can get many types of birds throughout ther year here at Jemez. Some of the birds that you may see are listed below and can be found making their homes in or passing through, Jemez Historic Site and the Jemez Province. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Dig Giusewa

The Dig Giusewa public archaeology program was established to address long held questions about the Jemez people involving their origins and how their lives changed after the arrival of the Spanish. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Junior Ranger Program

Anyone can be a Junior Ranger. All you have to do is complete at least 6 activities. Use the Virtual Tour to complete this activity book. Please send a video or photo of your finished Junior Ranger Activity Book and we will send you a Junior Ranger Patch. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Here is a list of puclications about Jemez Historic Site. CLICK HERE FOR MORE