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Wildflower that grows along the Pecos River Nature Trail at Bosque Redondo in the summer.The Pecos River Nature Trail at Bosque Redondo in the summer.Run off to the Pecos River that can be seen along the Pecos River Nature Trail.Weaving depicting the ''Long Walk'' Linda Nez, weaver. Private collection.Christmas at Coronado Historic Site.Snow blankets the ground at Ft. Stanton.Ft. Stanton, New Mexico.The Merchant Marine Cemetery at Fort Stanton.The officer's quarters on the eastern side of Ft. Stanton.The chapel at Ft. Stanton.The administration building at Ft. Stanton was established in 1855.A cannon crew at Ft. Stanton prepares to fire during a special event.Renovation of the Lincoln County Courthouse. Negative # 16588.The past comes alive at Lincoln Historic Site.Originally built to protect Spanish settlers from Apache raids, L.G. Murphy would put Lincoln's defensive tower (torreon) to deadly use in the Lincoln County War when he positioned his sharpshooters inside. The men in this photograph are unidentified, but any one of them could have been involved in the Lincoln County War. The San Juan chapel in Lincoln, 1930's.The most infamous outlaw in the Old West: Billy the Kid. Jemez Mission, Jemez Historic Site.Jemez Mission, after some light snow.Christmas time in Jemez Mission.Luminarias light the way to Jemez Mission.Jemez Mission, nestled into the surrounding hills.Native dancers celebrate Pueblo Independence Day at Jemez Historic Site.The front entrance of Jemez Mission.The octangular bell tower at Jemez Mission.A historic image of Fort Selden taken from the Parade Ground of the Administration portion of the Fort. Note the section of stone walls where the jail was located. Negative # 055040 A historic image of Fort Selden. Negative # 001742Snow blankets the Fort Selden ruins.Men of Troop G, 8th Cavalry patrol Box Canyon, near Fort Selden. This unit was stationed at Fort Selden from 1871-1873. Negative # 155008 (U.S. Army Signal Corps)The museum and John Gaw Meem-designed visitor's center at Coronado Historic Site.A replica of Kuaua Pueblo.A kiva caught in a New Mexico sunset.Sandia Peak stands tall over Coronado Historic Site.The ruins of Kuaua Pueblo.Amphitheater at El Camino Real Historic Trail Site.An Apache boy at Bosque Redondo.The bank of the Pecos River at Bosque Redondo.Indian commissary and rear view of company quarters, Fort Sumner, New Mexico, Bosque Redondo area. Negative #001815 U.S. soldiers watch over Navajo and Apache peoples at Bosque Redondo. The Apache would leave in the following months, while the Navajo were permitted to return to their native lands. The round up and forced march of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans was one of the most tragic periods in New Mexico's histoy.

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