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An interior wall in the Officers’ Quarters (Building 13) showing various eras of the fort: the original exterior wall ca. 1855, damage from the 1861 fire (to prevent Confederate forces from capturing an intact fort), 1870's rebuilding of damaged buildings (adobe), the 1887 kitchen addition and various coats of stucco, plaster and paint.Remains of the internment camp of the German sailors from the SS Columbus. Over 400 sailors were interned here during WWII as 'enemy aliens' and guarded by the Border Patrol.The laundress quarters were built in 1874 as four separate buildings made of adobe. In 1928, they were joined together to create seven apartments for hospital staff.Flowers growing between the buildings at the stables.90mm AAA gun donated by the NM National Guard.'Star' a horse at Fort Stanton.Tents set up for Fort Stanton Live in the parade ground.Morning FormationChopping wood for the fire in from of barracks.People visiting the Senior Officers’ Quarters at Fort Stanton Live.Showing visitors at Fort Stanton Live how to spin yarn.Marching to practice formation.Chuck Wagon’s Old Fashioned Soda.Redactors standing by the canon for people to view at Fort Stanton Live.Spencer & Jackson Theatrical Troupe tent, over filling for a show.Spencer & Jackson Theatrical Troupe actresses putting on a family fun show.Tents put together to show visitors what base camp was like during the civil war era.Inside tent that civil war soldiers lived in.Soldier cleaning his gun by his tent.Retired doctor educating visitors about doctor tools used during the civil war era.The 1850s barracks exhibit (in building 6).Inside barracks, visitors can try on soldier’s uniform.Musical Group ''Time Was'' performing at Fort Stanton Live.At Fort Stanton Live, visitors can see Matt riding his horse carrying the American Flag with only 33 stars.The Commanding Officer's Quarters (building 1) on the parade ground. Built in 1877 to replace another structure on the same location, this building housed the post commander and his family. During the hospital years, this building housed the equivalent of the CO, the Medical Officer in Charge.Officer's quarters (building 13) exhibiting many changes from its original design. Built in 1855 as a single story, gabled roof, rock structure, this building has grown over time with the addition of the second story and gambrel roof, bay windows, pillared porches and dormers.Officers' Quarters (Building 4) built in 1855; housed four officers and their families.ChapelInside of Chapel.Guardhouse built in 1879 (building 8).Commanding Officer's Quarters (building 1).Officer's Quarters built in 1883 (building 3).Fort Administration building (building 9).BarracksGuardhouseCanteenThe Post Hospital ruins of Fort Selden taken from the Parade Ground.The flags of the United States, New Mexico, Texas, Spain and Mexico wave in the wind.''Sail'' of the building's stylized ship design.Architectural detail of El Camino Real Historic Trail Site's award-winning building.

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