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The award-winning El Camino Real Historic Trail Site architecture.View of the Fra Cristobal Range from the observation deck of El Camino Real Historic Trail Site.Pueblo textile artist Louie Garcia demonstrated traditional weaving techniques using yucca and cotton.The Spanish brought the practice of Christianity up the Camino Real as symbolized by this hand-carved, wooden cross.Visitors begin their journey through the history of the Camino Real in the plaza of the Mexican city of Zacatecas.Apache water jug or tus.Virgin of Guadalupe, 17th-Century style traveling icon, replica.Saint Isidore the husbandman, 17th-Century style altarpiece.Religious Medal - Saint Jerome and The Holy Trinity.Discovery DrawersA wide variety of goods that were transported up and down the Camino Real over its 300 year history.A wide varietyk of goods that were transported up and down the Camino Real over its 300 year history.Part of Mule Trains exhibit.Teotihuac?n Inlaid Mask, replica.Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao).Horno, a traditional pueblo oven.Carreta de Bueyes (Ox Cart).Traditional dance performed by the Piro-Manso-Tiwa people at the Camino Real Historic Trail Site's ''Piro Homecoming'' event in 2012.Buffalo Dance performed by the Piro-Manso-Tiwa people.Henry Torres, Piro tribal elder, addresses visitors at the ''Piro Homecoming'' event.Visitors join in a traditional dance at the ''Piro Homecoming'' event.Drumming and singing by members of the Piro-Manso-Tiwa people.A panoramic shot of Sheep Canyon greened by the monsoon rains.Echinocereus CoccineusArtist Greg Reiche's sculpture ''Camino de Sueños'' greets motorists as they approach the El Camino Real Historic Trail Site, 1.5 miles east.Collared LizardChildren volunteers helped build digging grounds for Coronado's Mudslinger's Mele event.Volunteers built the adobe walls on Mudslinger's Mele.Cane ChollaBarrel CactusPuddled AdobePath through Coronado Historic Site.Puddled Adobe HouseLadder leading into the Kiva.Volunteer for Mudslinger's Mele.Volunteers for Mudslinger's Mele.Rio GrandeRio GrandeYarrow Wild FlowersPath through Coronado Historic Sites.

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