Fort Selden Historic Site

Lesson Plans

Classroom Lesson Plans (K-12):

Click each link below to download a free lesson plan exploring the history of Fort Selden and Paraje Robledo along El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro.

Bats of the Chihuahuan Desert (K-4) 

For thousands of years many people have considered bats to be mysterious creatures. There are many misconceptions about bats that contribute to the stories and fears that surround them. In this lesson, students will learn about the biology of bats, their habitats, and the truth about some of the most common misconceptions. Click HERE to download.

Soap Making (3-8)

Today, none of us could imagine a world without soap. In fact we take for granted how important it is until we run out. Modern hygiene and our ability to prevent and stop the spread of infectious diseases rely on this humble staple of modern life. In this lesson, students will learn how soap was discovered and how the manufacturing of soap making has changed over time with our understanding of cleanliness and hygiene. Click HERE to download.

Toys & Games of the Past (K-8)

Toys and games have been part of every civilization throughout history. However, they have not always been used primarily in childhood. The use of toys and games has shifted over time. By using this lesson plan, you and your students will be able to learn how the toys and games people play with reflect the times in which they live and how their use developed over time. Click HERE to download.

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