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Lincoln Lecture: The Escape and Death of Billy the Kid | Lincoln Historic Site

At Lincoln Historic Site
10/7/23, Saturday

On October 7, Herb Marsh will present "The Capture and Death of Billy the Kid," this year’s last Lincoln Lecture. Mr. Marsh will talk about what Billy and his friends were doing after the Lincoln County War. 

A sample of what Mr. Marsh will cover during his lecture: Billy the Kid cattle and horse rustling in New Mexico and Texas; Garrett being elected sheriff with the main task of catching Billy and his posse; incidents during the chase; the Panhandle posse joining with Garrett; the death of Folliard; the fight and capture at Stinking Springs; the death of Bowdre; important incidents of the trip from Stinking Springs to Fort Sumner, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and finally Mesilla for trial; the trip back to Lincoln and Billy’s escape; why Garrett goes to Fort Sumner to find Billy and what happens there leading up to Garrett’s shooting of Billy. 

The lecture will be in the San Juan Church from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. 


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