Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of the Barracks Exhibit


This virtual tour invites visitors to walk through a reconstruction of one of the barracks as it would have looked (except for the wood floors and electricity) in the 1860s during the internment of the Diné and N'de at Bosque Redondo. This exhibit presents many commonplace items that Civil War era soldiers had in their barracks and discusses their place in the larger historical context of the Bosque Redondo, Native American Internment, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War. Accompanying this virtual tour is a scavenger hunt.  Click the button below to start your scavenger hunt, find the answers to the questions as you take your tour, and submit it for a chance to win a prize.


Scavenger Hunt


As you move through the barracks you will hear sounds that were very familiar to the soldiers of the era, so we encourage our virtual visitors to use audio.