Explore Archaeology Podcast
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We invite you to listen in to our newExplore Archaeology Podcast, where we are not afraid to get our hands dirty investigating the past. We trench our way past the boundaries of 8 our State Historic Sites in search of a broader understanding of the people who have come before us. Our guests explore New Mexico?s complicated histories through active archaeological research and they connect it to live in the present. Visit nmhistoricsites.org/archaeology for the full free episode.

Hosted by:

Matthew Barbour- Manager and Archaeologist
for Jemez and Coronado Historic Sites

Ethan Ortega- Manager and Archaeologist
for Los Luceros Historic Site

Episode 1:
New Mexico's Forgotten Monuments
September 5, 2020

Monuments are a contested topic in today's culture. While some glorify colonialism and oppression, others preserve cultural resources and archaeological sites. You may be familiar with our several New Mexico State Historic Sites that are open to the public today, but what about our forgotten monuments? Places that were designated by the New Mexico Legislature, but never opened or were never awarded recourses like staff and visitor centers. In this inaugural episode, we will explore New Mexico's twenty state monuments.

Episode 2:
Community-Based Archaeology
October 17, 2020

Over the last several years, New Mexico Historic Sites have introduced a series of community-based archaeology projects. These award-winning programs have not only shed light on new aspects of our sites' histories, but they have also strengthened ties with the communities we serve. Instructional Coordinator and Archaeologist, Carlyn Stewart, joins us to discuss two projects she has led and assisted with at Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites.